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by Vidya Sury April 11, 2015 0 comment
xenial vidya sury

Dear Vidur,

This is a wonderful word for X. In 2013, I picked Xenodochial, a word I learned thanks to Kaarina’s exciting business alphabet series.

Xenial is described in the Wiktionary as

Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners.
Of the relation between a host and guest; friendly.

We are fortunate to be connected with so many xenial people in our lives – and this includes both friends and strangers. The most recent example I can think of is our stay at the guest house where the chef took you aside after we finished lunch. We wondered where you had disappeared. Then, when you returned after 15 min, we were delighted to know that he had offered you ice cream.

Another instance – while visiting the temple we had to trek up the hill. At the point where we had to take off our footwear, one of the shop owners along our route invited us to leave ours at his shop. When we returned, he just greeted us and said there was no charge. Again, kindness.

Why, how could I forget how, at each place I had coffee while traveling, the roadside cafe guys were kind enough to make mine strong and without sugar and chat about the area, answering our questions with so much more information than we asked for!

I could go on and on with examples, and I am sure we will experience many more xenial people this week as we travel places, but the point I am trying to make is, always be kind to everyone, regardless of whether you know them or not.

Remember how your Grandma lived by the belief “Athithi Devo Bhava” – that Guest is equal to God? Our family has lived by that credo for as long as I can remember. My own Grandma always ensured that our doors, our hearts were open to anyone who needed a place to stay.

No visitor ever left without enjoying at least one meal. She said, give without expectations and the balance of life will ensure that you get more than you wish for. This philosophy becomes easier to understand as we grow older and experience the joy of being hospitable.

As I planned this post, just for fun, I decided to make a list of examples from our own experience and I was delighted to see my growing list. I think I will make it a habit to also keep this ongoing, along with my gratitude journal and happiness checklist.

I urge you to always have it in your heart to be amicable, friendly, xenial to all those you connect with.

“Be kind whenever possible. Kindness is always possible”

Because you can.

And in life, relationships matter. May you be blessed with strong and happy friendships, as I am!

Love and hugs,

Blessed to be your Mom

A to Z Challenge 2015. Theme “Letters to my son

X is for Xenial

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