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Turn Your TV Into a Parenting Gadget

by Vidya Sury July 24, 2015 0 comment
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Or how to get your child to focus by saying yes to TV!

There’s something about kids that’s both delightful and frustrating! Like it or not, Moms and dads have no choice but to look to some type of technology to keep them engaged. Why, I have no shame admitting that I’ve watched lots of TV while growing up with my son – yes, didn’t you know parents grow with their kids? Since we didn’t come with the operation manual on raising kids, we learn all the time.

In this day and age, it doesn’t matter whether parents are tech savvy or not – we have to rely on technology props to carry out a lot of day to day activities – and this includes research, education and entertainment. As parents, we can embrace technology and make it work for us because it is obvious that technology isn’t going away and the challenges we face only grow as our kids grow.

Striking the balance

There is no way we can control what our kids are exposed to when they are away from home. The good news is, we can strike a balance using family friendly gadgets that won’t make them dependent on it. Also, let’s face it – communication and togetherness are the two most important things when it comes to happy kids.

Getting them to focus is perhaps the biggest challenge of all, in this age of distractions. No sooner than they sit to do their homework than the phone rings. The mobile buzzes with a  message. A friend calls. Their mind wanders to the playground. How do you get your little one to stay put and learn? Oh yes, it takes innovation. I remember telling jokes, making faces, enacting dialogs and – I am now ashamed to say – freaking out! At the end of it all – frustration that they’re still not focused!

Luckily, there’s an easier way!

Technology. In the form of a device – the Teewe HDMI media streaming device with which you can stream content from your phone or laptop or PC or tablet – directly onto your television. Why TV? Because kids love to watch TV. Why not capture their attention with something they love?

Teewe – a convenient and effective way to learn

Whether it is watching a video to learn pronunciation, learning about the animal kingdom via a BBC video or just relaxing with their favorite cartoon show, parents can take advantage of Teewe to get their kids to learn. Of course I would say that nothing can ever really replace a good solid book but for today’s generation, it is important to find ways to grab and hold their attention and keep them engaged. Teewe is a great way to strike the balance between having fun and getting serious.

With 10K+ parents in India using it to monitor their kids’ content, Teewe offers a huge variety of content that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on the go. It helps keeps your kids safe online. As a one stop solution that easily be used to babysit your kid, entertain or just cuddle up together and spend happy times watching your favorite programs, Teewe is the perfect parenting gadget.

You no longer have to say NO to TV because you are nervous about all the inappropriate ads, movies and reality shows – and the news.

You can say YES to Teewe. As you feed your child good health, you can feed their brain too.

Just one thing though – get ready to handle your genius child as she voluntarily looks forward to studying every day with this fun new way to learn. Get together as a family and enjoy the parenting process together. You know what they say. It is presence, not presents.

Parenting is now easier with Teewe.

Teewe is an HDMI media streaming device which plugs into your TV and lets you wirelessly stream content from multiple sources onto your big screen in HD. Your smartphone (or tablet / laptop / browser) is used as the content library and as a remote to control your playback. Whether the content is online or downloaded, with Teewe’s easy to use interface, the user can find media of his choice and play it on his big screen with a single tap within a single app. It lets you stream a wide variety of content on to the big screen from YouTube and other content partners like EROS, video website and downloaded media or mirror your desktop screen or browser tabs. Check it out here.

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