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10 tips to break free from the crowds this summer vacation

by Vidya Sury May 14, 2021 2 comments
How to break free from the crowds this summer vacation

Summer vacations are all about relaxing, enjoying the company you are in and basking in your surroundings.

Booking a new vacation can be a great idea but it can be frustrating to book a place only to discover that it is massively overcrowded. Fortunately, you don’t really have to brave the crowds if you go on a summer vacation this year, especially when the worldwide pandemic has still not abated and continues to put a damper on dreams of traveling to our favorite destinations.

However, it is not impossible to get away and enjoy a break as long as you are aware of the risks and minimize your contact with crowds.

Here are 10 tips to break free from the crowds this summer vacation

1. Plan ahead

While impromptu trips are fun, planning your summer vacation ahead is the first step especially if you want to avoid crowds. Based on what you would like to see and do, remember that most destinations tend to be crowded during the weekends. So plan accordingly. Choose to make your plans with this in mind and do something relaxing away from the crowds.

2. Take the road less traveled

Go somewhere that is not a popular tourist hotspot. There are plenty of hidden gems that are not frequented by the crowds where you can enjoy activities in peace.

We enjoyed a summer vacation traveling every year until last year and always chose a secluded destination. Sure, these places did not even have connectivity, but that was the charm.

3. Avoid peak season

The thing about peak season is it attracts large crowds for the wonderful weather and other attractions that are at their best. Moreover, if it is vacation time for schools, that’s when most families plan their travel. So, plan your own summer vacation during off-season. You will also enjoy better rates and get more value for your money.

4. Avoid weekends

As I mentioned earlier in #1, avoid weekends as they tend to be much busier than weekdays. Weekend travelers throng popular places since they can get off work. If there is a long weekend, the crowds are even larger. Schedule your trip for weekdays to avoid these crowds.

5. Sign Up for Special Tours

If you are not on a budget, this can be a great option. We’ve done this a few times to take advantage of the personalized service, enabling us to beat the rush. It also included exclusive guided tours and access to famous spots. Definitely worth the extra money spent. 10 tips to plan your summer vacation far away from the crowds

6. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts

A couple of years ago, we were keen on visiting the Andamans. Even though it was nearing the end of peak season, most hotels were booked. So, we went by a friend’s suggestion and decided to book a package tour. And then came the weather warning. We did take them seriously, but were assured by our contact there that it would be perfectly safe to travel. After sitting on the fence we decided to go for it. And thoroughly enjoyed a great trip, crowd-free and within our budget.

7. Choose Your Activities

Think about choosing a few different activities where seclusion and isolation are built into the package. For instance, you might want to think about going ice fishing. With ice fishing, you will be able to head out into the wilderness and just escape to a place where you can get complete silence. If you are planning on heading ice fishing look at suggested gear for ice fishing from tailoredtackle.com or a similar website. That way you can make sure that you know exactly what you need.

8. Go Camping

This is one of the most popular summer vacation ideas right now – to go camping to lesser-known spots. While the busy season can attract crowds, there are plenty of places that offer a more relaxing and secluded experience. Maybe you don’t like the idea of roughing it and that’s completely understandable. Why not try glamping? You’ll get the benefits of sleeping outdoors without worrying about spending a night on the hard ground.

9. Rent A Boat

Arrive at your favorite destination, then rent a boat and drop anchor wherever you like. Enjoy floating on the ocean, far away from the crowds. Depending on where you are headed, you may not even have to worry about hotel bookings as you spend your days on the water.

10. Rent a vacation home

This is another excellent option for vacationing away from the crowds. Rent a vacation home. You’ll have the place to yourself along with the flexibility to choose to stay indoors and relax and go out and explore when you want.

summer vacation planning tips

Remember that some locations and activities put you at a higher risk of exposing yourself to the coronavirus. Here are some bonus tips to bear in mind:

  1. Avoid visiting busy beaches and lakes especially in areas with growing coronavirus numbers.
  2. Avoid eating inside a restaurant. Where possible try and eat outdoors. Preferably get your food to-go.
  3. Avoid theme parks and outdoor concerts.
  4. Make sure you are up to date with travel advisory rules before you book your summer vacation trip
  5. Avoid destinations that are on lockdown and have no quarantine rules for travelers.
  6. Be aware of local restrictions and laws so that you know what is open and what is closed.
  7. While local farmers markets and shopping districts can be charming, avoid them if they are indoors.
  8. Get tested for coronavirus before you travel and after you return home.
  9. If you are planning air travel, think twice. Not every airline follows seat spacing between passengers and social distancing may not be possible.
  10. Wear a face mask always, except when you eat and drink.
  11. Wash your hands thoroughly
  12. When you rent a car, ensure that it is properly disinfected and sanitized.
  13. Finally, cancel all travel plans if you are sick. And do not travel with someone who is sick.

All that being said, when you take off on your summer vacation this year, enjoy one that is away from the crowds and gives you the level of isolation you hoped for. Travel safe!

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Pawan Ranta April 9, 2022 at 12:13 pm

I would recommend some more:

1. Instead of hotels, book homestays.
2. Ask a local (instead of relying on social media) to know about nearby places or best food joints.

Thanks for the great tips 🙂
Pawan Ranta recently posted…Sangla – A Ravishing River Valley In Kinnaur!

Vidya Sury April 9, 2022 at 12:36 pm

Thank you, Pavan! Those are great tips!


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