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  • Celebrating Women Vidya Sury

    Celebrating Women #InternationalWomensDay

    I am excited that this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: #PledgeForParity Go ahead. Take the pledge. Add your voice! The official website encourages us to “celebrate the social, economic,…

  • MadeOfGreat Vidya Sury

    She was #MadeOfGreat

    My Grandmother was undeniably #madeofgreat It is true we meet people throughout our lives, people who make an impact on us and shape us into who we are. But there’s always one…

  • faith vidya sury

    Faith Is A Beautiful Thing

    I’ve been doing so much so fast over the past few days that I’ve often felt a bit lost. Maybe overwhelmed. Either way, freaked out. And I am not even sure…

  • Hope Vidya Sury


    Dear Vidur, Hope is perhaps the most important emotions human beings live on. Not for nothing has it been said that “Hope Springs Eternal“. And it should. Had it not been…

  • celebrate vidya sury


    Celebrate the little things Dear Vidur, If you were to ask me what my favorite quote is, I would probably pick this one “Celebrate the little things in life“. This is…