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fear is the key vidya sury
Inspiring stories

Fear Is The Key #RiseAboveFear

Ever been stuck in a situation where you were afraid to take a decision that could change your life forever, but really had no choice? I have. Several times. The craziest thing was, I really had no other option.…

when the going gets tough
Inspiring stories

Remembering A Cup Of Peace

The 1950s-60s . . . somewhere in India. A Cup of Peace by Vidya Sury   I sit in my armchair, with my cup of coffee peace. As I lazily watch the little sparrow hop across our yard, pecking…

shake it off and step up
Inspiring stories

Shake It Off And Step Up

Nothing like a good story to illustrate a good moral and take the message home. For example, take this tale about a donkey who was a champ and knew how to shake it off and step up. One day…

mightier than the sword vidya sury
Inspiring stories The Red Carpet

Mightier Than The Sword

I am pleased to introduce you all to my ballpoint pen, who is guest posting here today. I love my pen and no matter how many I collect, this particular one is always my favorite. I happened to eavesdrop…