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How to find zen in life? Try feeling grateful

How to find zen in life Try feeling Grateful

Do you find the “new lifestyle” under lockdown rather Zen in some ways? Are you feeling grateful for some things? I imagined calling this the lock down special but I guess I won’t because that’s the new normal right now and it might very well become THE normal in future. I see us making a habit of wearing masks when we go out because the pandemic will very likely continue before the world is completely safe. ♥ Firstly, I am…

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12 Valuable parenting lessons I learned the hard way 1

12 Valuable Parenting Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Parents want to be perfect. I was no exception. As I attempted to be perfect, I learned 12 valuable parenting lessons the hard way. I also learned perfection is a myth. I always go into reflection mode during summer—when…