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Can a lifestyle break be productive? (3 tips)

by Vidya Sury April 21, 2021 1 comment
Can a lifestyle break be productive_

When it comes to managing our daily schedules, many of us become worrywarts over time. The suggestion of taking a lifestyle break seems ridiculous. It is only natural, especially if we have made chasing to-do lists our life goal for some years now.

We’re plagued with questions like:

Have we been productive enough today, or this week?

What happens if we continue to work at this pace?

Are we on track to lose out and to become less competitive?

Could we have done more?

Of course, sometimes these questions are healthy, because holding ourselves to a standard and trying our best is always a good idea.

That said, it can become pathological after a while if we don’t measure this with self-kindness and realism because then it turns us into workaholics or fretters. Now, especially, when the world is nothing like we knew it, it might be a good idea to take a lifestyle break.

I’ve thought about this seriously for some months now. This lifestyle break may mean different things to different people. For some it might mean checking Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews; for others, it may be something as simple as spending time in the garden, or just making sure we take a few days off work to read and to plan our normal life activities.

And oh, if you were curious about what a lifestyle break means for me – it is decluttering, which seems more relevant now than ever. I did start the process some months ago and it will be a while before I am truly done with it. Many things that mattered before no longer seem to be as relevant now – I am sure you’ll agree!

The thing is, many people consider taking a break as pressing the pause button on the action, of accepting a total lack of productivity for the sake of your health. But that’s not necessarily true.

A lifestyle break can actually improve your productivity, if that’s what you are worried about.

3 tips to improve your life with a lifestyle break

Let’s look at three ways to implement this lifestyle break

Take the time to reflect and plan

Sit back and take the time to reflect on your work schedule, your life priorities or your daily planning. This can be tremendously helpful. It can help you stop working so strictly to a pre-portioned idea of what your day will look like. It will help you review how you are doing things so that you work smarter, not harder.

Not saying you should spend all your free time thinking about work . . . but you’ll naturally find yourself (even subconsciously) coming to better conclusions when you have that sense of space away from it.

Work on your problems

Of course, working on problems in our spare time is important, and it can give us a tremendous sense of forward progress. For instance, it might be that you’re looking for a new way to promote a book you’ve just written. Instead of stressing over continually posting on social media to gain the algorithm, you might begin to consider walking outside with no headphones and actually thinking about what your audience naturally wants.

Mulling over the problem in pure time away from technology and its distractions – and being you’re your thoughts instead – or having a bit of space away from your desk to consider your approach from a different angle can be tremendously instructive. It literally frees up creative space in your head.

Treasure your time

Your time is precious. So make it count by doing something you believe in, because then you see just how important it is not to work yourself into the ground. The best way to do this, if you are otherwise unoccupied, is to consider how to find something you can pour your energies into to the point where you love recreational activity.

For instance, getting involved in painting can help you learn a new skill that will one day pay dividends, as learning the craft can truly transform you into a more rounded person. Who knows what hobbies could reinforce your productive professional life, too? I’ve experienced this first-hand by using my teaching talent to earn some decent cash as a student

There are, of course, more ways to take a lifestyle break. Maybe you want to spend some time with your loved ones, check off things from your bucket list and so on. But do think about it seriously. Do what you have been putting off. Take that lifestyle break now.

I’d love to hear some ideas from you in the comments!

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Unishta April 22, 2021 at 5:29 pm

I love your illustrations. They are so soothing …..and I love the idea of a lifestyle break….I think I need to figure out a work schedule now and get off my life long break.
Unishta recently posted…S is for sanitizer and sanity


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