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    Kindness is as easy as A to Z #WorldKindnessDay

    Kindness is as easy as A to Z #WorldKindnessDay #Kindness

    I am one of those lucky people who grew up in a joint family that was rich in every way except financially. Every member was generous to a fault and exuded kindness. Not even one hesitated to take the shirt off their backs to give to someone in need. As far as food was concerned, don’t even ask! There was always an extra plate which was lovingly served—either to a visitor who turned up unannounced, or to someone in the…

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  • Enjoy the goodness of life Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    The Goodness of Life

    Today, take time to pause and breathe. Enjoy a small dose of positivity via this beautiful poem. The Goodness of Life Though there is much to be concerned about, there is…

  • 1000Speak Compassion Vidya Sury

    Practising Compassion #1000Speak

    I am privileged to write this post on practising compassion in parenting for #1000Speak and Finish the Sentence Friday hosted by Kristi Rieger Campbell of Finding Ninee. Our prompt for FTSF today…

  • love is all around us
    Mindful Living

    Ubuntu – I am Because We Are

    “I am because we are” The Ubuntu philosophy: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” I connected with Michelle Wallace of Writer in Transit last year. Then…

  • Compassionate Parenting Vidya Sury

    The Joy Of Compassionate Parenting

    As a parent I tend to view my life as a two-phase thing. BV and V. Before Vidur and Vidur. Such is the transformation a baby brings. I fondly recall the…