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Are you always looking for an audience?

by Vidya Sury July 4, 2019 3 comments
Are you always looking for an audience?

In a world where everyone seems to be in a race against time to accomplish all kinds of big things, it is no wonder that there’s a growing frustration. Everyone wants to achieve that “big” thing—the kind of stuff that will bring recognition from others, the actions that will take us another rung up the ladder at work, perhaps get more fans/followers on social media—you know, the list is long. There’s the inherent need for an audience.

Sure, we all want our lives to be meaningful and we assume that this can happen only when we’re acknowledged by others when we do something great – something that counts.

The reality is, not all of us become famous, not all of us end up in the media and not all of us become household names. I mean, that’s the way it is.

But here is the thing. We certainly cannot write off the lives of those who haven’t become famous or been publicly acclaimed. Their lives are not a waste. The deeds of every single human on earth count.

Each one of us have plenty of opportunities to help others in some way or other—it can be through a simple smile or hug, or a kindness that makes a difference to someone. And we definitely do not need an audience to applaud us or comment every time we do this.

In life, the little things count. We all make a difference in our own way, whether we’re recognized for it or not. Those who specifically seek out the approval and recognition of others try to make up in some way for their own insecurities—they look for external validation from others instead of feeling it on the inside.

There is no need to do that. When we think about it, there are countless people who live fulfilling lives without ever being noticed publicly and often it is the people who were at the receiving end of these peoples’ kindness that have been noticed publicly. And most of them go on to acknowledge these people who showed them the kindness when they needed it, steering them towards their goals.

My Mother was one of those people. She gave without expectations. And over the years, we have experienced several precious moments when people remembered her giving nature and generosity. What a legacy to leave behind.

When I am gone, I too would like to be remembered in a loving way. I strive to do what I can without going after recognition and whenever I have a chance to be of service, I will take it and make it worthwhile.

I’d like to think that we make the world a better place with our compassion. Imagine a world where everyone participates in this collective task. No matter how great or small, every act of kindness repairs the world.

Are you always looking for an audience?

Points to ponder:

Ever wondered why it has become so important to have an audience for everything we do? Is it the pressure of social media?

What random acts of kindnesses can you do today?

How did you feel about all the kindnesses and smiles you have received? Would you like to make someone feel that way?

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Rajlakshmi July 5, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Very wise words Vidya. A major issue that I feel is when we are so used to perform for an audience, and live on the applause, it can become really difficult if all of that is taken away. Remember the old adage Neki kar kariya mei daal. Not so popular in today’s age.
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Magical Mystical Mimi July 8, 2019 at 4:42 am

I prefer to do my services of compassion anonymously and I attempt to be kind to most everyone I meet. 🙂 If I hit the lottery tomorrow you wouldn’t see my name in the news but you’d see an awful lot of homeless people with places to live and kids would not be going to bed hungry.

Rahul Singh July 8, 2019 at 3:04 pm

We are living in the world of technology, and most probably the era of digitisation, where most of us are addicted towards social media, yes we really look for audience.


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