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    Inspiring quotes and affirmations by Louise Hay

    All that I seek is already within me - Louise Hay - Vidya Sury

    All is well in my world This post is a tribute to Louise Hay, who will live forever in the hearts of those whose lives she transformed through her legacy of wisdom. On 30 August, the world lost one of its most powerful motivators, Louise Hay, author, and the founder of Hay House. She’s known as one of the pioneers of the self-help movement and her blockbuster bestselling book “You Can Heal Your Life” has changed billions of lives. In…

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  • creativity takes courage
    Encouragement Writing Tips

    Creativity Takes Courage

    I can’t believe today’s July 31! This month just seems to have flown by! When I signed up for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2014 and BlogHer NaBloPoMo for July 2014,…

  • Should children be encouraged to blog Vidya Sury

    Should Children Be Encouraged To Blog?

    My parenting post at Parentous today asks and answers the question “Should Children be Encouraged to Blog” My son, who is now 15, started blogging in 2008, maybe earlier. We always…