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How to be more creative (with 7 powerful tips)

by Vidya Sury April 3, 2021 3 comments
How to be more creative (7 powerful tips)

“I wish I could be more creative!”

Is that something you tell yourself often? You are not alone. Many people yearn to be more creative at work and at home especially when see someone rattling off a seemingly endless stream of ideas. The thing is, there is also the assumption that that only “creative types” can be more creative.

But that is just not true! So, let’s forget this stereotypical thinking! Before we look at 7 powerful tips to learn to unleash your creativity, let me ask you 7 questions.

7 questions to determine if you can be more creative

1. Are you focused?

Do you have high levels of energy with the ability to stay focused on your tasks and seeing them through? Even when you are not actually working, is your mind still busy figuring out ways to accomplish these tasks?

2. Do you hold on to a sense of wonder?

You are bright but you don’t assume you know everything. In fact, you retain a sense of wonder and curiosity and an eagerness to keep learning.

3. Do you work hard?

Do you end up working for days on end on a project? Are you barely aware of the time as you immerse yourself in what you are doing, determined to finish what you have started?

Read about the Zeigarnik effect

4. Are you a loner?

Creative people are a great example of the perfect blend of extroverts and introverts. Their ideas and inspiration come to them in their social interactions. Then, they simply get engrossed in their work, oblivious to the world around them to work their creative magic.

5. Are you open and sensitive?

Are you sensitive and often empathic? Do you find inspiration everywhere and are open to all kinds of possibilities? You know being sensitive can also make you vulnerable to criticism and rejection, however, you are aware that it is necessary for you to create her best work.

6. Are you bound by assigned gender roles?

You have no time for rigid gender roles and stereotypes. You are equally open to the male and female sides of your personality and focus on the strengths of both.

7. Do you daydream and also be realistic?

You know that creativity is grounded in imagination and daydreaming, seeing the possibilities and wondering ‘what if?’ But you can also be practical, and the next stage is testing the ‘what if’ idea to see if it works.

Do these questions resonate with you? Did you answer YES to questions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 and NO to 4 and 6? Congratulations! You have my word that you are inherently capable of being more creative!

Creativity has clear benefits for individuals and society as a whole. Not surprisingly, a great deal of research has focused on creativity, especially in the past 20 years. Creative thinking is essential for innovative problem solving that works in the real world, so let’s look at 7 powerful tips to unleash your creativity.

7 powerful tips that will help you to be more creative

7 powerful tips that will help you to be more creative

1. Think about this: What creative projects have you finished so far?

The fact is, you are more creative than you give yourself credit for. I am pretty sure you’ve successfully participated in creative projects both at school and at work. If you are a parent, you have definitely guided your kids and helped them with school creative projects. Now think about what these creative processes involved and the amazing ideas you probably came up with.

2. Assess your strengths

When you want to be more creative, you should know your strengths. What are you good at? Maybe you have not used those talents for a while. Were you an ace at creative writing in college? Did you stop writing somewhere along the way to starting your career and getting busy? Maybe you’ve lost touch with your skills but that need not mean you’ve lost your skills!

3. Always keep learning

I believe that we are all works in progress for as long as we live. Learning is a valuable process because it not only helps us reach our goals but also keeps us sharp and focused. By choosing to keep an open mind and always learn, you will naturally enhance your own creativity.

4. Go off the beaten path

You’ve likely heard people talking about thinking outside the box. In life, we tend to get stuck with our routines and thinking pattern. Sometimes this is convenient but every once in a while, if you want to be more creative, you should shake things up. So the next time you have to make a decision, how about taking a radical approach – something you have not tried before?

5. Do things you have never done before

This is a fantastic way to unearth your inner creativity. Try something you have not ventured before. When you experiment with new things, you feel yourself thinking differently and experience new feelings. You are forced to follow new thought processes you have never tried before. As a result, you end up getting creative to accomplish your tasks.

6. Pick up a book from a new genre

Exploring new genres in reading opens up your mind to new possibilities. For example, I never imagined I would enjoy sci-fi and began this book rather reluctantly. But no sooner was I into the first twenty pages that I was hooked.   Trying new genres encourages you to consider situations and ideas you might not have even though of had you not decided to read the book. Who knows, you might end up finding creative solutions and ideas you had never considered before.

7. Stop thinking that only creative people can be creative

You know now that this isn’t true because everyone has it in them to be creative. So why do we see “creative types” who look like they can do more? It is because they take more chances. And it appears as though they are natural born creatives. Try removing that psychological block about creativity being limited to some people and you will probably find that you are much more creative than you imagined.

Encouraging Creativity

Here are three action tips to be more creative

  1. Keep an ideas journal for random thoughts and ideas. Every time you think of something, no matter how silly it seems, note it down in your journal. Then review it once in a while. (Read 9 tried and tested ways to organize your ideas before you forget)
  2. At least once a month, read a magazine that you wouldn’t normally find yourself reading. The more controversial, the better – maybe something from a different culture.
  3. Join a forum or group that supports an activity you have always wanted to get better at. Be active in the group by volunteering for activities you wouldn’t normally participate in.

The wonderful thing about creativity is that it constantly challenges you and energizes you, letting you reach your full potential. The good news? You can be more creative if you choose to be!

Interested in some great books to look at to improve your creativity?

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N N MANOJ April 4, 2021 at 4:55 am

Thanks Vidya for refurbishing my memory by questioning my sense of creativity.
As given all questions except 4 and 6 were positive yes and those 2 were a No.
So,I qualified to relearn the 7 steps to becoming creative again.
I had taken a 4 year sabbatical from my earlier Project Management life in large new field projects for the Railways, MES, FCI,PORTS and other MNCs as the local Business Partner.Had executed Crores of Infrastructure projects for the Nation from 1983 till 2015 ,with breaks in between too, across various States of India.
After the sabbatical at AOL , I rejoined the Challenge to do more in January 2020 ,but Covid reset the priorities and direction. Am on target from April 2021 to get into Contract Farming of Special Vegetables, Fruits and Pulses and other agricultural products for local consumption as well as Exports.
Your creative article gives me the confirmation that I am back to my Creative Goodness and hope to achieve more in this new field on a timeline till 2024.
Thanks Vidya for helping my Reassurance.

Vidya Sury April 4, 2021 at 6:17 pm

Thank you, Manoj for your heart-warming comment. In life, doesn’t it feel fantastic when we can find the answers within ourselves and also inspire ourselves? We just need the right questions to answer. Thanks again! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Frédérique April 5, 2021 at 5:22 pm

Creative is a good word for today! I’m visiting via the AtoZ master list. Great post!
Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué
Frédérique recently posted…D = Denim 👖 #AtoZchallenge 2021[Quilt]


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