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Five Tips to Plan The Perfect Party

Five tips to plan the perfect party

There used to be a time when it seemed like life was one long party after another. I guess it can seem like that when you live in a joint family– grandma, uncles, aunts, my mom and I, and constantly visiting cousins and house guests almost the year around. People would simply land up and blend in. Sometimes 20 of us would sit down to a meal and of course, my grandma would ensure there was a three-course menu with…

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Memory Lane Villa in Coimbatore
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Down Memory Lane to A Villa In Coimbatore

I was probably five years old when our joint family of 30+ members slowly started dispersing. Marriages, new jobs, job transfers—all the usual things. We lived in Mumbai. My Grandmother’s brothers lived in the family estate very close to…

The Dinner Date #WednesdayWisdom #mindfulness #relationships
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Dinner Date #WednesdayWisdom

It was their twenty-first wedding anniversary. His wife suggested that he take another woman out for dinner and a movie.  As his expression turned to shocked surprise, she continued, “I love you, but I know this other woman loves…

Picking the Right Furniture for Your Family #relationships #tips

Picking the Right Furniture for Your Family

Choosing the right furniture for your family room, den, or living room can take some planning, especially if you have several age groups under one household like ours had. In fact, even with the three of us, we are…