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Are you a good friend?

Are you a good friend

A good friend is someone we all want–someone who’ll have our back always. We’re often told to keep away from those who drag us down. But that isn’t always easy, especially when we share so much with them. Is that enough, though? Just like thieves who steal from us, there are people who steal our self-esteem and confidence—qualities we need to grow and move ahead in our lives. I am sure each one of us has those frenemies who bring…

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Frenemy. Who is yours? #Relationships #AtoZChallenge #parenting #friendships
Relationships #AtoZChallenge Parenting


I first heard the word frenemy three decades ago. I thought the teenager who used it had made it up, and thought it was quite clever, as it made so much sense. But no—it has been used as far…

Girlfriends Vidya Sury


The old adage goes that “birds of a feather, flock together”. Maybe. But if you really look around, you’ll find more examples of peaceful co-existence. The variety of people we meet right from the time we begin school in…

Top 7 gift ideas for your special friend

Top 7 gift ideas for your special friend

Isn’t it lovely to receive the perfect gift from a friend? It doesn’t matter if it is a special occasion, or a just-like-that gift—we all enjoy the ideal gift, especially if it is something from our wishlist, or something…

Soulmates Vidya Sury Uma


We moved to Bangalore in 1999. Our son was one and a half years old. Rents and advance money was so high that we thought it might be a better idea to get a housing loan and buy our…