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Five Habits To Make You Feel Amazing Every Day #AtoZChallenge #SelfHelp

Five habits to make you feel amazing every day

Some days are great and some days, not so much. Who doesn’t want every day to go smoothly and have all those expectations met? Well, you can bring your own sunshine to your day. Here are five habits you should cultivate to feel amazing every day! 1.    Set yourself up for a great day Set intentions for the day and watch your day go much better. Prioritize your tasks. Putting too much to do on your to-do list will only…

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21 easy ways to make you feel instantly happy Vidya Sury

21 easy ways to make you feel instantly happy

When your mood is screwed, all you can think of doing is drowning in self-pity and sulking. While that might seem soothing, it isn’t, really. It will only take you deeper into the depths of misery besides convincing you…

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On Habits and Resolutions

I really meant to write this post in the first week of January – but it is just as well that I am doing it now. I couldn’t have taken much action on whatever I meant to do anyway,…