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Picking the Right Furniture for Your Family

Picking the Right Furniture for Your Family #relationships #tips

Choosing the right furniture for your family room, den, or living room can take some planning, especially if you have several age groups under one household like ours had. In fact, even with the three of us, we are Sheldon Coopers at heart, with our “spots” and favorite chairs. I fondly recall the challenge we had years ago, with our living room furniture, when my son was little. We would spend a lot of time there, as it was the…

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Giving is a gift Vidya Sury #AtoZChallenge #CollectingSmiles

Giving is a gift #AtoZChallenge

Giving is love in motion ​ When my son was a toddler​ and able to walk, albeit a little wobbly-ly, my Mom enjoyed taking him for short outings around the area. She would pack some snacks, his water bottle,…