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10 Laughing Exercises To Boost Your Body, Mind and Spirit

by Vidya Sury April 6, 2020 2 comments
10 laughing exercises to boost your body mind and spirit

It’s fun to share a good laugh, but did you know it can actually improve your health? With these laughing exercises we can take advantage of the powerful benefits of laughter.

We’ve heard it more than a hundred times that laughter is the best medicine. It brings people together even as it brings about healthy physical and emotional changes.

Laughter is known to do the following:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • boost mood
  • reduce pain
  • protect from the damaging effects of stress
  • release anger
  • make you forgive sooner
  • improve relationships
  • support physical and emotional health
  • lengthen life

And you can use the laughing exercises listed below to enjoy all these benefits!

Few things work faster or more reliably to bring the mind and body back into a balanced state than a good laugh. Humor makes things look brighter, inspires hope and connects us to others while keeping us grounded, alert, and focused.

Do you remember how much we laughed as children? As we grow into adults, life becomes more complex and we forget to laugh as often. But no need to worry. All you have to do is look for opportunities to laugh and find your sense of humor to enjoy the various benefits of laughter.

Considering that laughter has such great ability to heal, isn’t it amazing that you can enjoy all its benefits for free?

Exercise is important 10 laughing exercises

Use these 5 ways to maximize your laughter practice

Decide to laugh

Yes, you must consciously choose to do so. Sure, it feels a bit odd initially, but see it as exercise. Not comedy. Laugh when you feel like, because you can. Don’t stress over the quality of your laughter. Remember you need to laugh even if you don’t find things funny. When you make the choice to laugh, you open up your mind.

Be playful

As an exercise, you must take laughter seriously, but not too seriously. Enjoy it. Try to make it natural.

Believe in it

Keep an open mind and believe that laughter works. When you are enthusiastic about it, you experience a natural high, regardless of whether you are happy or not. Just like exercise, the endorphins burst forth no matter how you feel and make you happy. So, throw yourself into it and laugh sincerely. No half-measures.

Practice and keep at it

You actually have to practice laughter for a length of time before making it a habit and be spontaneous. Begin with 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration. Start your day with the practice so it puts you in a cheerful mood.

Buddy up

Laughing by yourself is good but roping in others to do it with is great. You will relish the positive social interactions especially with like-minded people.

You’re probably wondering how to suddenly get started with laughing—and the good news is, there are some excellent exercises.

Here are 10 fun laughing exercises you can try. Do one, do two or more. Or you can start with #1 and finish with #10, giving each exercise about 20-30 seconds each.

10 laughing exercises to boost your mind body and spirit

10 Fun Laughing Exercises To Try

1.    The 30 Second Laughter

Exactly what it says! Laugh for 30 seconds continuously. Getting odd looks? Shrug as if to say you have no idea why you’re laughing.

2.    Progressive Laughter

Start with a smile. Then giggle. Build it up into a laugh. And as you laugh, work up the tempo and volume.

3.    Reminiscent laughter

This is my favorite! Thinking back to a really happy memory during a time that made you feel safe and loved. Maybe you laughed together. Now connect with the memory and laugh just like you did then. Enjoy the laughter.

4.    Hearty Laughter

Lift both arms up to the sky and make a war cry! Like aeeeeeee. Then laugh with gusto with your hands up in the air. Laugh from your heart.

5.    Humming Laughter

Hum with your mouth closed. Can be your favorite song. Now turn that into laughter—humming. Pretend you’re singing as you hum and control the pitch, tone and scale. You’ll feel the vibrations in your body. As you get better tat it, move your laughter through your chest, your jaw, nose and sinuses, your head and back down. Feels delicious, does it not?

6.    Laughter Breath

Take a deep breath then exhale it in quick bursts of air. Finish it off with loud laughter. Repeat 6 times.

7.    Vowel laughter

Follow the sounds of the vowels in the English alphabet to laugh. AEIOU. Begin with Aaaaa as in mama; then Eeeee as in bee; Iiiiii as in pi; Oooooo as in bingo; Uuuuu as in dude. Laugh to the sound of the vowels.

8.    Strengthen your voice with laughter

Inhale deeply and stretch out your vowels by saying Haaaa haaa haaa haa. Do this 6 times. Then laugh until you are out of breath. Next, Heee heeee heee and laugh. Continue with Hii hii, Ho ho, Hu hu.

9.    Laughter Sneeze

Sneeze. Then laugh. Simple!   ha! ha!”

10.  Yawning Laughter

As you yawn, laugh and try to make someone else yawn! Good thing yawns are infectious eh?

Tip: if you find it hard to laugh on demand, just watch a video of a baby laughing!

You may find some of the laughter exercises a little difficult initially. Do gentle breathing exercises between the laughter exercises. They help. And do not be surprised if you find your lungs getting stronger. I did say health benefits in the beginning, right?


Which is your favorite laughing exercise?

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Birgit April 6, 2020 at 7:07 pm

I love thinking of a memory and when I read this exercise, my mind went to my mom when we all met at a nearby place and she was trying to eat her ice cream. It was so windy that her soft ice cream was blowing onto her and she was trying to lick it faster. My brother and I just started laughing so hard. My mom was not happy but we helped her even though we kept laughing. Just now, I read an email from my best friend who watched the movie “Foul Play” with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. She talked about the very funny moments like when Goldie Hawn meets up with Dudley Moore. The old ladies playing scrabble and the Japanese tourists in the taxi. Now that is laughter!

G Angela April 10, 2020 at 9:50 am

I practice 2 , 3 and 5 constantly and feel quite refreshed. I love to make my daughter laugh. I loved to watch videos of babies laughing. whenever I find one I keep rewinding and laughing. I also love to watch comedy every day at least for 10 to 15 minutes, I would pick up jokes book from while travelling and would be smiling and sharing it with my friends. Thanks for sharing, I love your images vidya and admire how you pick up perfect pictures to go with the post.


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