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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Gratitude Visit Exercise To Increase Well-being

The gratitude visit exercise will help you increase well-being and lower depression

We are always looking for ways to increase our happiness. In his excellent book Flourish: A visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being Martin Seligman, Founding Father of Positive Psychology, offers an easy practice called the Gratitude Visit exercise to increase well-being and lower depression. The Gratitude Visit, as a practice, seems rather simplistic but is based on decades of research. How to practice the Gratitude Visit exercise Here are the steps: Close your eyes Visualize the face of someone…

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Healing soul ulcers Wednesday Wisdom
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Healing Soul Ulcers

One of my favorite newsletters is from Brian Johnson of Optimize. In two of his recent newsletters, he talked about soul ulcers–referring to envy being the ulcer of the soul. The phrase “soul ulcers” stuck in my mind—along with…

When Opportunity Knocks, how do you respond?
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

When Opportunity Knocks

Ever sat back and mused with regret over not opening the door when opportunity knocked? Over lost opportunities? That wonderful opportunity you didn’t or couldn’t take? Any you missed this week? Why did you miss them? I’ve had moments…