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10 surprising benefits of positive thinking

10 surprising benefits of positive thinking and why you should make it a habit

When I say that I am going to list 10 surprising benefits of positive thinking (and why you should make it a habit), are you tempted to roll your eyes and walk away? Truth is, I don’t blame you. Today there’s so much chatter around this topic, you may consider it a passing trend that’s okay to ignore. But seriously, does anyone really know what they’re talking about when they tell you to “think positive” and “just get on with…

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Slow down Just a Little #mindfulness
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Slow Down Just a Little

“I want it yesterday” I’d be surprised if you said you didn’t receive that answer as a deadline for a task you had to complete. Such is our lifestyle these days. Always in a hurry, always worrying about checking…

Love is in the air #travel #thursdaytreelove #mindfulness
Mindful Living Travel

Love Is In The Air

This gorgeous spot is one of my happy places on my son’s campus. I remember the first time I saw the expanse of green, moist after the rain when the sun just broke out of the clouds. The two…

Sometimes losing is winning
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Sometimes Losing is Winning

It must be true what is said about wisdom coming with age. I too have my moments. As the years have progressed, I’ve realized that it no longer matters to me whether my opinion is greater than someone else’s…