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why forgiveness heals
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Why Forgiveness Heals

To err is human. In the process, people get hurt. If only one could turn the clock back and undo what happened. But there is a way. Forgiveness Everyone makes mistakes. We hurt others. Others hurt us.  Luckily, we…

laughter inspiring quotes vidya sury 3
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes About Laughter

Laughter has always been the best medicine, no matter how you look at it! There is research to prove that we need at least 12 laughs a day to stay healthy. Life will always be busy and complex. To…

inspiring quotes vidya sury
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes That Brighten My Day

Getting through a week that is turning out to be busier than I expected, I felt the need for some encouragement, and what better way than from inspiring quotes! I’d like to share some of these with you! I…

the power of one
Inspiring quotes

The Power Of One

I’ve always wondered how some of the most touching, inspiring, motivating words are from unknown sources.  Here is a poem my Mom once wrote in a greeting card for me. Every other day, as I look through some old…

inspiring quotes vidya sury
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

Fondly referred to as Bapu and the the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi would have been 145 years old today. As we celebrate the 8th day of Navaratri with the Saraswati puja, dedicated to the Goddess of Knowledge,…