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Who is that bear?

Who is that bear

The winter came to an end. Spring was in the air. A group of bears joyfully came out of their hibernation and met at their usual meeting place. As they all caught up with one another, the oldest bear called for their attention. He had an announcement to make. As all heads turned to him, he said, “It is a beautiful new season. However, I have sad news. During winter, while we were in hibernation, the bear who has been…

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The Stone-cutter
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Stone Cutter

Once upon a time (yes!) there was a stone cutter. He found his life monotonous and was unhappy with his routine. As he returned home from work one day, he passed a rich man’s house. The gate was open…

Are you sitting on a nail
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Are you sitting on a nail?

A young man, who moved into a new neighborhood and settled down. Everything was fine, except for his neighbor and his dog. The dog howled all the time. The young man was patient. He thought, perhaps the dog had…

It is what it is
Personal development Wednesday Wisdom

It Is What It Is

There is profound wisdom in the philosophy “It is what it is” I am sure you have all read this story at one point or other, either as a forward (which you probably speed-read and passed on) or somewhere.…