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Maria’s New Hat

Maria's New Hat. Wednesday WIsdom story

This inspirational story is about Maria’s new hat. Maria is a young lady who lives with her Mom in a small apartment. An average woman, she was on the secretarial staff in a large company. Her routine was quite mundane. Her colleagues generally ignored her at work and the ones that did notice, let her know that they considered her boring. Maria accepted this and pretty much kept to herself, carrying on with her work. One morning, she was on…

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The Stone-cutter
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Stone Cutter

Once upon a time (yes!) there was a stone cutter. He found his life monotonous and was unhappy with his routine. As he returned home from work one day, he passed a rich man’s house. The gate was open…

Are you sitting on a nail
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Are you sitting on a nail?

A young man, who moved into a new neighborhood and settled down. Everything was fine, except for his neighbor and his dog. The dog howled all the time. The young man was patient. He thought, perhaps the dog had…