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Mindful Living #AtoZChallenge Wednesday Wisdom

ACCEPTS – 7 steps to manage your negative emotions in a healthy way

ACCEPTS 7 step process to manage negative emotions

ACCEPTS is an acronym for a group of distress tolerance skills used to manage negative emotions in a healthy way until we’re ready to deal with a distressing situation. In life, it is only natural that we go through difficult times. Some of these are major – such as losing a job, the death of a loved one, breaking up with a friend, or even a divorce. Some of these are more manageable—getting stuck in traffic, an annoyingly long queue,…

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It's just one of those days when..
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

It’s just one of those days

It is just one of those days. A somewhat weird day. I woke up enthusiastically enough, enjoyed my coffee and looked at my day’s to-do list. Finished my usual work in the kitchen – lunch, breakfast, dinner planning and…

Healing soul ulcers Wednesday Wisdom
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Healing Soul Ulcers

One of my favorite newsletters is from Brian Johnson of Optimize. In two of his recent newsletters, he talked about soul ulcers–referring to envy being the ulcer of the soul. The phrase “soul ulcers” stuck in my mind—along with…