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#AtoZChallenge Mindful Living

The Zen of Being More Dog

The Zen of being a dog--It's about the dog. The dog book blog tour #Zen #dogs

Man’s best friend. Unconditional love. Health booster. Cuddles. Love. Patient. Playful. Loving. Fun. Happiness. That’s what comes to my mind when I think of dogs. So much we can learn from them. And none better than my dear friend Guilie–who blogs about dogs at Life In Dogs, and about everything else at Quiet Laughter–to showcase those lessons! I am privileged to know Guilie and I am thrilled to be part of The Dog Book Blog Tour for her forthcoming book…

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Empty your cup.
#AtoZChallenge Mindful Living

Empty the cup

I am late today because I had to empty the cup before I wrote this post. There’s this charming Zen story about Nan-in, the Zen master. People visited him from far and near to receive his wisdom. One day,…

Hospital visits, life-lessons, and gratitude. #lifelessons #gratitude #mindfulness
Mindful Living

Hospital visits, life-lessons and gratitude

We spent almost all day in hospital yesterday. It was time for my husband’s follow up visit after two weeks on a new medicine. This meant blood tests before starting these meds and blood tests after two weeks to…

Buddhas Diet Book Review Vidya Sury
Book Review

Buddha’s Diet #AtoZChallenge #BookReview

The mention of Buddha generally brings a peaceful feeling…for most people, anyway. Combine that with the word diet–something most of us love to hate and stress over, and it seems like a winning combo. To me, at least. But…

Zazen for Mindful Living VIdya Sury
Mindful Living


Zazen Meditation is a wonderful and easy practice. I see it as a way to sit quietly as my mind gets into neutral gear, leading to a nice state of calm. A state where it is easy to appreciate…