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    Hospital visits, life-lessons and gratitude

    Hospital visits, life-lessons, and gratitude. #lifelessons #gratitude #mindfulness

    We spent almost all day in hospital yesterday. It was time for my husband’s follow up visit after two weeks on a new medicine. This meant blood tests before starting these meds and blood tests after two weeks to see their effect on his system. Apparently, these have a load of side-effects including anemia and dizziness and stomachaches and headaches…and so on. So this Monday morning, like almost every Monday and Saturday for the past six months, we set off…

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  • Zazen for Mindful Living VIdya Sury
    Mindful Living


    Zazen Meditation is a wonderful and easy practice. I see it as a way to sit quietly as my mind gets into neutral gear, leading to a nice state of calm.…