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Anything but love..

by Vidya Sury July 18, 2003 0 comment
back in maybe 1995 or so…i used to watch this fabulous tv serial on star plus called ‘Anything but love’..starring Jamie Lee Curtis (one of my fav actresses) and Richard Lewis… its one serial i wish they’d keep re-airing u know. used to be such fun. at about the same time, i saw this movie called ‘when harry met sally’ (meg ryan-billy crystal) another wonderful movie…except for the way it ended…i wish they hadnt gotten married. that wouldave been different. Other movies i juz love to see are ‘a fish called wanda’ (jamie lee curtis again), twins (yeah, arnold and de vito), dirty rotten scoundrels (michael caine, steve martin). am crazy about steve martin. yeah, yeah, like tom jones sez…there’s something abt u baby i like!! i rather tend to veer towards comedies. Oh…and that other superb serial ‘moonlighting’ sybil sheppard and bruce willis! these are very “i wish they’d go on forever”.

am currently reading this really zany funny book called ‘Nip ‘n’ Tuck’ by Kathy Lette. check her out. for me, she’s turned into a must have, must read. more about her at www.kathylette.com

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