The weather may be unbearably warm, there may be long power outages, work may stagnate, things may go wrong, but there is always hope. I can find always happiness in the most unexpected places. A forgotten incident that springs to the mind, triggered by the sight of something, a blog post, a comment from a friend, a hug from my son, time spent with my family, good news from afar, a kind word…oh, the list is endless – when we care to notice. I do. All the time – consciously. Because the little things add up to make the big difference.
Here’s a series of photos I particularly enjoyed taking – and love. Yes, I have a fetish for these great structures with history attached…

The first five photos are from the 13th Century ruins (Golconda Fort, Hyderabad)
Vidya Sury 1
Vidya Sury Hope 2
Vidya Sury Hope
Calm, still waters. Don’t run too deep, though. It is just a lake. With crocodiles.
Vidya Sury (71)
I just love this photo: The bamboo, the lighting and the stone – so serene yet warm! I don’t know why – it makes me think of my friends. Cozy. Happy. Hug. Love.
Vidya Sury (144)
Now, let us go grab our itinerary and travel the world from Unknown Mami’s Sundays In My City link up. I love her, I do! Swipe the image below:

Ah, just one more thing:
If you’re interested in learning more about an Indian Classic Art/Dance form, here’s a post you might enjoy reading: Yakshagana Performance by Vidur Sury (you know who that is!)
Have a great day!
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  1. The lake picture is exceptional but they are all beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter.


  2. Love this and love the pics! I cannot believe you got so close up to that lake with crocodiles! lol

    • What’s more, Sheila, we had no idea if one was lurking right under our boat! 😀 Lucky the guy told us later. 😀

  3. Terri Sonoda Reply

    At this point in my life, Vidya, I don’t know what I would do without Hope. When things are at their worst is when you need Hope the most. I do have plenty of that! Because of your positive, beautiful outlook on life, and your expressing it on your blog, I am trying hard to find the good things in everyday life. Thank you for that, my friend. Love the pictures. The lake looks so serene, but when you mentioned crocodiles, it took on a bit of a haunting perspective. Thanks for sharing with us! XOXOs,

    • Dearest Terri – I know. Hugs. It is hope that keeps us motivated to go on, some days. I take a lot of inspiration from you. And feel proud I make a difference in your life. But that’s what friends are for, right? Love you!

    • Thank you, Wayne! I spent some time on your blog and enjoyed the week’s posts! Especially the Fragmented Friday and He Said/She Said. 😀

  4. Thanks for the great reminders to look for the good in each day. I love the fort photos.

    • Thank you, Tara – I originally wanted to title this post with “let there be light” but ended up with the one that’s there now. 🙂

  5. Cathy | Treatment Talk Reply

    Hi VIdya,

    Love your historical pictures. There is always hope – thanks for sharing!

    • Dear Cathy! Thank you. When I posted these, I was thinking how strong and solid they are, and have been around for centuries, just like hope. Hugs!

  6. There is always hope, indeed! And beautiful things around us to see everyday.

    Happy Sunday.

    • 🙂 Wouldn’t that be grand, Keetha? Some parts of this fort are beautiful and it is hard to imagine that they’ve been preserved so well amid the ruins. Thank you for coming by!

  7. My Inner Chick Reply

    your kindess, love, and compassion has no limitations.

    You are such an inspiration to me.

    ….A bright “LIGHT” in a dark world.

    Love Love Love. Xx

  8. Interesting. I, too, am fascinated by structures from the distant past. Thanks for sharing these.

    • 🙂 Thank you for coming by, Barbara. You know, as we enter the fort, there’s a beautiful painted map of the place, showing all the features just like a regular painting. I love that place.

  9. This too shall pass – it’s this hope that gives us strength to fight our battles.

    Especially loved the illuminated bamboo capture.

    • That’s my favorite Purba. And when I saw it before clicking the picture, the place looked magical.

  10. U’ve posted a brilliant inspiring post, inspires me to take note of all things, even the menial.. hugs, oh lovely pix too!

    • Thank you, MamaTim! I am so glad you came by. Like my son says, even the ceiling fan becomes the most important thing when the weather is warm! 🙂

    • You know, UnknownMami – that place is a delight to visit. I’ve gone there so many times over the years and I am never satisfied. I took hundreds of photos.

  11. I’m not sure if my comment went through, but I was saying that I love the first shot. Something about the angle.

    • Thank you! I’ve opted to moderate all the comments as I’ve removed the word verification. 😀 You should see some of the absolutely irrelevant stuff from total strangers!! Hugs to you!

    • Thank you Maggie. I am in awe to think that these structures have been around for so long. And most of the damage has been caused by people, not always the weather elements. 🙂

      That place is a wonder of shadows and lights.

  12. Loved the Bamboo photo! Your photos always take me on a journey 🙂

    “there is always hope.” YES 🙂

  13. “There is always hope” YES! 🙂

    I love the Bamboo photo! Your photos always take me on a journey.

  14. If you look close enough, you can find even the tiniest slivers of hope. Those are what I cling to when I’m really sick.
    Those photos are really soothing to me today. Especially the water lapping up on the beach.

    • Love and hope are everywhere, Kim. Like my son says, “we’ve got to notice it”. Hugs. I am always happy when you come by!

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