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by Vidya Sury July 18, 2003 0 comment
hey folks! juz cant get a tune outta my head sometimes. jamiroqu’ai’s ‘virtual insanity’ is juz circling my head. used to love that sheryl crow’s “all i wana do” which is really how i feel like! heheheheh..muz be the TGIF feeling!

as i did the dishes this morning, i was juz thinkin, mannnnn….a Housewife is a training institute!! i mean… i was jez thinkin that i could easily be qualified for: materials management!! finance management!! time management (oh boy!!! oh boy!!), people management! and if thats not the core….i’d like to know what is! and as for soft skill fine-tuning….its the height!! sigh!

work at home mommy?? oh yeah…right first time. and work outside, and work en route!!

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