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What, me blog?

by Vidya Sury July 9, 2003 0 comment


i usually drop The Kid off at school at 7 am every morning. i did it this morning as well…was no different from any other. the air was clear…and we sang our way to school…like we do every other day! we stop at the hanuman temple at the schoolgate, and while The Kid waits by the bike guarding my helmet, footwear and his ‘oota’ basket, i go into the temple, collect in a little dabba some ‘theertham’ for him, and come out, after duly praying that everything goes well. ‘everything’ varies from day to day. then he drinks the theertham…it seems to put him in a very satisfied kinda mood…and then we cruise along to the school’s main gate.

when we get there, i smooch him and ‘tata’ as he walks to the point beyond which we cant see each other!….then, i return home…to get on with the rest of the day.

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