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Of Bridges and Water

by Vidya Sury November 25, 2003 0 comment
now not only has a lot of water flown under the bridge..but we’ve kinda built practically a city of bridges!! so here i am again, bridging the gap!

so on the personal front, i’ve become a certified trainer (hehehe…so am a lotta ‘certified’ other things as well *wink* – idjit being one of them!) which is why i felt i’d found my true calling. its such a pleasure to be with a group of 20 live minds!! whoaaa! am waiting for the next session!! imagine loving what you do and being paid for it as well!!

vidur turned 6 on 23rd nov. the day began with his teachers calling him to wish him…followed by his classmates…about 8 best friends :-). had a party later in the evening..where about 45 people turned up and we had a blast. children!! god bless them!!

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