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by Vidya Sury November 25, 2003 0 comment

yesterday, i got an unexpected phone call. wouldave never thought this person would do that. its amazing how many people will be so friendly on the net, on chat…but really shrink when it comes to any kind of personal contact like phone calls or meeting in person. me…am the same with all media of contact!! so this person called, and we chatted for quite a while..it was fun…generalities and stuff. then it took a personal turn. the same ole cliched what are you wearin shit. well. for some reason i juz cant seem to do what can probably lead to getting intimate on the phone. am juz not made that way. i mean….in a broader sense…i simply cannot do convincingly that which i dont believe in! sounds like a translation from french eh? ha ha.

anyway…my interest waned off drastically after that and later when the phone rang again, i juz switched it off n zzz-ed.

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