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that nice place on the web – the Bangalore Business Network on Ryze

by Vidya Sury October 31, 2007 0 comment

Bangalore Business Network On Ryze, somehow sounds like an old english location.

When I first came upon Ryze back in Feb 2003 introduced by a friend, I really thought it
was just another recreational site pretending to be a business networking site. But a few months later, after being instrumental in organizing the first offline ‘mixer’, I realized that with time, there could actually be great opportunities if one networked consistently. Tarun Hukku took the initiative in Aug 2003 to become a gold member and thus BBN was born. And needless to say, we were extremely proud of being a part of our very own Bangalore Ryze network. At the first annual mixer in Aug 2004, we actually celebrated with Tshirts n caps.

And so the network grew, in hundreds and then thousands. Very exciting – simply because in my long list of things-to-do, Browsing BBN is a must. I find it very enriching. I also found that it made me a bit richer a little over a year ago when I had to quit a full time job due to domestic constraints. I came across a message from Ashis Dutta who was looking for associates for a business newsletter he was e-publishing for a company in Detroit resulting in my first business ‘alliance’ on the BBN. We work together now. But the huge thing that came out of this was the fact that I realized I could work-from-home being a writer. I found a new vocation which is going great now – and has become a 24 x 7 job, very nicely remunerative, indeed. My writing career earns me an approx. average of 25K a month – working 4-5 hours a day. I owe it to the BBN and the culture of “building your network before you need it”

Its not just work that I found on the BBN. I have found several contacts, several candidates for friends who had a requirement of personnel, an outlet to contribute and donate to orphanages, blood donors who were readily willing, and a LOT OF FRIENDS.

Being a part of the BBN is an education. Now I know the true meaning of the phrase “YOU LIVE AND LEARN’. It gives me the warm feeling of being a part of a hugely approachable community – a sense of belonging. Words are really not enough to express what I have gained from being a part of the BBN – but to summarize – it has inspired me to explore and be very successful at a new career, make some lifelong contacts and proved that if you dont network, there’s no life. Really.

Hip Hip.
(and Hips dont lie. Ask Shakira – go on….do!)

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