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November 19, 2007: In the News

by Vidya Sury November 20, 2007 0 comment

I receive health news regularly from Medscape in my mailbox and learn a lot. Here’s something we should all know.

Anti-Obesity Drug Linked to Depression

A new study published in The Lancet suggests the anti-obesity medication rimonabant (Acomplia) can double the risk of anxiety and depression. Researchers analyzing 4 studies involving over 4,000 patients found those taking 20 milligrams of the drug daily were 2.5 times more likely to stop treatment due to depressive disorders, and 3 times more likely to stop because of anxiety compared to those who were administered a placebo.

As Reported by MSNBC / Reuters
Combined Meningitis Vaccine Shows Promise

Clinical trials of a conjugate vaccine designed to protect infants against 4 types of meningitis have shown success. Researchers say the vaccine was successful at treating meningitis strains A, C, W-135, and Y in children under the age of 2, and infants as young as 6 months. The new vaccine is reportedly better at producing “immune memory” than older polysaccharide vaccines.

As Reported by BBC News
Parents Face Jail If Kids Skip Shots

After school officials realized that nearly 2,000 students in George’s County, Maryland did not have the required vaccinations 2 months into the school year, Judge C. Phillip Nichols ordered parents to appear at the court house to have their children vaccinated on the spot or receive up to 10 days in jail. There were also given the chance to provide proof of immunization or explain why their child didn’t have them.

As Reported by CBS News / WebMD
Most Diet Pill Users Stay Overweight

A review of 3 diet drugs appearing in the British Medical Journal reports that most patients who took prescription weight loss drugs experienced only moderate-to-minimal weight loss over long-term use. Several of the drugs were associated with negative side effects, such as depression, raised pulse rate, insomnia, and nausea. However, the drugs provided some additional health benefits as well, including improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and reduced incidence of diabetes.

As Reported by CNN
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