Pregnancy – Pregnancy Period – Early Pregnancy Symptom – Cord Blood Banking – Maternity Clothes

Here is a website I came across as I was browsing for information about weight loss in general.
Pregnancy – Pregnancy Period – Early Pregnancy Symptom – Cord Blood Banking – Maternity Clothes

I was pretty amazed to find the amount of information there about a topic like pregnancy. I mean, I went through one myself and must say that it was quite a joyous thing – its a fact that you forget all the discomforts you went through during those nine months – when you see your baby. I followed everything my doc told me and had quite an eventful pregnancy period. Nevertheless, this website boggled my mind leading me to blog about it. I never knew there were things like body pillows that contoured themselves to the pregnant woman’s body! I am not saying I was uncomfortable – far from it – but reading about these made me feel oh-so-covetous. Parts of the website actually sobered me up when I read about all the complications that can arise during a pregnancy and all the possible precautions listed. Phew! And to think I spent crucial reading Wodehouse, murder mysteries and watching Topcat on Cartoon Network!!

There’s a very interesting section on cord blood banking. I wasn’t even aware of it until a year ago when I came across it in a clinical study. Science is wonderful. To think that diseases that seemed to have no cure in the past can be cured by taking the simple precaution of storing cord blood for the stem cells is so reassuring!

The www is a wonderful thing. Just imagine – travelling all over the world through a qwerty keyboard and finding anything you want! WOW!

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