weight loss during pregnancy

the sister of a friend of mine is pregnant and she’s freaking every moment of her second trimester. craves food (normal).
drives us crazy (normal).
worries (normal).
now her latest is whether she should exercise during pregnancy, because she’s hearing a whole lot about how tough it can be to lose it after she delivers her baby.

Sigh. all this talk makes me wonder whether i was normal at all – i mean – i just took it for granted that losing weight after pregnancy would just happen, naturally. true, i did try out a whole lot of exercises very diligently from a nice book i photocopied and kept in a file. it was all about pregnancy, symptoms, complications – you name it and it had it. i still have the dog-eared copy. i remember one exercise that was really helpful – the kegels. this is actually useful even if you are not pregnant, to give you control over those vaginal muscles. being active during pregnancy is a very good idea as it helps you tolerate labor pain a lot better as well.

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