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Remember the days at the old schoolyard!

by Vidya Sury December 5, 2007 0 comment

am so excited. i randomly searched for a very dear friend i had lost touch with – i’ve done it so many times – but never found anything remotely connected to her. and then, two days ago – there she was, in the news! got back in touch exactly after twenty years – how cool can that be? very!

back in the 80’s ~ we used to be in perfect sync; even wear similar clothes and read the same books – in fact, we actually split books and shared them to read at the same time! we’d meet everyday, yet write letters to each other. we went for long walks ~ and had so much time to spend together in spite of being busy with our own stuff ~

its amazing to think of the life back then ~ pure nostalgia.

life’s good.

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