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Hail Art!

by Vidya Sury March 30, 2008 0 comment

Sight I Saw on Jan 1, 2007

Stone carvings bought indiscriminately.
Intricate stone ball…a little larger than a tennis ball.
Very interesting.
Look closely, though.
Three distinct and detailed figures;
Woman in the middle and one man on either side;
woman bent over, breasts responding to gravity;
woman performing fellatio on the man on the left – as he holds her by the hair;
man on the right – having vigorous intercoursewith the woman in the doggy position;
why vigorous? from the participants’ stance, it seemed like a pretty
active session, with a good time being had by all.

No, really.

My only mistake was not taking a picture of the scene to post here
for poster(ior)ity.

Hail Art!

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