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the private purse

by Vidya Sury March 30, 2008 0 comment

Private purse – very convenient to keep.
Not so convenient to access.
But thats a point of view.
The women tuck the purse – usually soft small size – down the neckline –
into the blouse – and cover the bosom with the saree. Safe.

But imagine, the women vendors who tuck in purses into their necklines.
After driving a hard bargain, they have the men staring them down their
necklines. What I love is the way they simply stare back and dare you to continue
to stare. They get the purse out – by putting their hand right into the front of their
blouse…usually chewing ‘paan’ and once they find the purse, they bring it out,
nonchalantly spitting out the juice of the ‘paan’ sideways. I mean, kinda reminds me
of Clint Eastwood you know – same poise, same confidence. These usually dusky
beauties have a kind of demeanor thats simply no match for the lech.

You’ll find these mentally sexy and stimulating buxom women everywhere.
Jewelry glittering – in the form of ear studs, nose rings, bangles, finger rings,
chains around the neck.


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