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A milestone

by Vidya Sury April 1, 2008 0 comment

today marks vidur’s entry into the hallowed high school building – he’s a big boy at class 6. new academic year, new teachers, new subjects, new activities….its a transition for them. when i went to drop him at school today and checked out the new classroom it reminded me so much of the time when he began class 1 in this school. in fact, i’ve had a great time with all the kids in his class – and we’re quite buddy-like. it seemed so strange to see all these kids, so tiny only 5 years ago – all looking quite poised and ready for anything. God bless them all. they had their assembly program with the high school kids today and i hung around to see what it was like. quite organized, as it should be, with no frills. the guy who played the harmonium did a great job. i just couldnt help getting all emotional as i heard them sing ‘दया कर दान’, their prayer song। somehow it always gets me all soft to hear the children’s voices in such harmony. the jana gana mana, national anthem, of course makes me feel pretty patriotic and i always sing along when am around. sigh…. 😀 so thats today.

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