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by Vidya Sury April 1, 2008 0 comment

i told someone that vidur’s new academic year started today and she said ‘wow. which class?” so i said “std 6”. so this dudette says, hey you’re getting older. and i say, very sagely – that i juz hope i am showing the wisdom associated with the age. yeah, i do.

continuing on that thread of thought, i actually realized that am not 24 anymore. as broadminded as i like to think i am, i have this niggling feeling i am a bit square. i mean, you cant just randomly joke with anyone – they check you mid-sentence, as if to say hey, how come you are using these words, you fossil? hardly surprising. these days, talk to a particular youngish age group just out of its teens – tell them to get ahead – and all they can think of is get a head. not biased. its just the obsession with all things physical. guess its too much cellphone, scantier clothing and almost non-existent morals.

yah, so i sound like a fossil. but thats the way it is. there are the smart ones, of course. but they are few and far between. sigh.

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