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Not very a-musing…

by Vidya Sury June 15, 2008 0 comment

we do it in our families – becoz we don’t wanna hurt someone we care for, even though they may not care so much about how we feel about something.

we do it at work, just to maintain harmony.

but when we have to do it with people we call our ‘friends’, then it irritates – and hurts.

it is mystifying how some people seem to get along so well – things are fabulous – and then one little remark brings forth a set of re-definitions in response. the recipient suddenly realizes that the relationship is actually not a house on fire, but looking a lot more like ashes ~ and then – the two start quibbling about most things. okay – then there’s the overhaul – when one of them wants to get back to the old footing – because suddenly the whole recent tiff looks so baseless. both agree. but things never seem the same again. it takes some getting over, at least for one. and that’s so sad.

sad – simply because it means if we live up to other people’s expectations, then we are okay.
if we just accept what they want us to believe, its okay – even if that’s a variable depending on mood. gotta adjust and respond accordingly – appropriately – you see.

but – if we turn around and expect something else that’s different – we’re rewarded with a bitter taste.

can’t turn back the clock. how can regurgitated stuff taste the same as what went in?

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