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by Vidya Sury June 9, 2008 0 comment

After literally ages, I saw parts of a couple of movies last night. They are “The mistress of spices” starring Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott, and “Zindaggi Rocks” starring Sushmita Sen and Shiney Ahuja. I quite liked both the movies – possibly because I was in the mood to watch something non-violent and pleasant. Not a big fan of Aish’s looks – but I thought she looked good as the mistress of spices. Gimme Dylan McDermott any day!!

As for Zindaggi rocks, well, it partially did. It was a pleasure to see Maushmi Chatterjee on screen after ages – I havent even come across an old movie of hers recently on screen. Not that I am a big movie-watcher these days. I actually love movies – but then, these days I am reduced to being a restless surfer. Just dont have the patience to sit through interminable breaks throughout the movie. In fact, I had to sit up till 1.45 just to see how the end of Zindaggi rocks would turn out to be, even though I knew. Shiney Ahuja does a good job and so does Sush.

It always surprises me to see sooo many off-beat movies. I quite like these – they are so off the beaten path. And so refreshing compared to the super violent movies one sees most of the time. 3-4 days back I had to be up till 1.30 am and so ended up catching a telugu movie on MAA tv called Okkadunnadu (I think :-)) well – to contradict myself now, this movie was also pretty refreshing – i mean, smart slim hero (donno his name – but i saw him act the villain in “Jeyam’ – a tamil movie starring Ravi and Sada). I remember thinking that he’d look pretty good as a hero – and was pleased to see him – acted very well. Okay – I just took a little break and googled the movie’s name – the hero is Gopichand and the heroine is Neha Jhulka – cute. I mean – imagine a thin heroine! 🙂 v nice. set in Mumbai. if you are dying to know the story – check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okkadunnadu. the hero can deliver and few kicks alright!

usually (forget the capital letters will you?) i watch comedy scenes or those reality shows, music related – but ive got the sudden urge to see movies. gosh, those days – decades ago – i’d catch a movie like in first day, first show. 🙂 no tv – no cable. what bliss! sitting in a theater and watching that 70mm! and with a ‘friend’. wonderful days. who can forget the sandwiches at sangeet? or the wheelies at wesley? i know i digressed, but those who read, will know. i miss that gts bobby bike – even though it broke down most of the time. sigh.

i have a strange case of nostalgia right now.

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