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am friggen freaked

by Vidya Sury July 10, 2008 0 comment

i recently signed up at this site called www.wayn.com, thanks to the recommendation of a respected friend. neat concept when you consider how social networking sites are taking cyberspace by storm. ok…i wont bore you into a coma by talking about the site – the link’s there and you dont need my eyes or fingers to explore it 🙂

as with any of these social networking sites, you get a lot of riff with the raff. of course, if you are amazingly lucky like me, you’ll find a coupla soulmates and a few people whom you already know. well, i actually jazzed up my profile there a bit today, and was flooded with a barrage of messages. okay – the earth didnt move for me – since i was lookin at a lot of whiners – ooh, sorry, wayners –

“i am frank,friendly and open minded, i am ready to share everything happy and sarrow with good friendship.” – where was he all my life?

“according to me faith,love,understanding,care,frankness is need for any relation than physical age.” – wrong, wrong, wrong.

“will you be friendship to me” – uh..um…sowwy

“i want to have fun with you” – who doesnt like a direct man?

sigh. nasty thing that i am – i had the devilish thought of collaging all the messages n posting them. ok..then my good side just took over. sounds really mean to be laughing at someone’s bad english, but – what to do? 😀 – “dont blame it on the sunshine, dont blame it on the moonlight, dont – on the good times, blame it on the boogie!”

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