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I went shopping today.

by Vidya Sury July 19, 2008 0 comment

hey folks…i got dragged out to go shopping today. yeah – i can see you don’t believe me. what woman doesn’t like to shop – you are thinking. but we have our moods – the feel-like and the don’t-really-feel-like kinda stuff. so anyway….my friend did the ‘oh-shaddup-you-and-your-work-and-your-home” lecture and there i was…all nicely bathed before 8 am and dressed to go out. i dropped vidur off at school and headed out to her place. her 19-year-old daughter was to accompany us – quite a fun kid.

so we set off for Big Bazaar (pantaloon’s venture) at hebbal. i decided to have a look at the furniture there since i need a wardrobe and an entertainment unit. my friend and her daughter wanted timepass. of course, the moment we entered with our trolleys we went slightly berserk, unable to decide what to look at first. you see, i had a deadline – had to be back in time to pick up vidur at 2.30 pm. we unanimously decided to start at the top floor n work our way down. well – the furniture shop was no good. most of the stuff on display had some damage or other and all those rosy ‘offers’ advertised all looked like they had some catch or other. in fact, except the cupboards n the desks n all – everything had a catch! anyway….they weren’t getting any bite from me. so we exited and descended to the next floor – which had foodstuff – ok..this was a no-brainer.

next – clothes. they had ‘buy one get one free’ for jeans. i thought hey why not! and picked up a size 32. turned out i had grossly underestimated my size. couldnt believe it!. so i carry a size 34 and the damn thing wont go past my knees. then 36…just about got it around my butt. what the heck i thought – and moreover…they were way too low-waisted for me. i use the word ‘waist’ loosely here. i mean..these were below my hips, dammit!!. now, dont go thinking am fat – i have a conservative size 32 with Live In jeans. then i just ditched the jean hunt and kinda aimlessly wandered around the rest of the place. big hoax, i tell you. i reached the womens’ lingerie section, thinking whoaa…here’s something after my own…er…heart. they had almost done away with all the packed n sealed stuff and had bras of every size, shape pattern and color in massive bins….all tangled together. my friend’s daughter and i had great fun picking some. her eyes popped out when she saw a size 44 DDD !. well….we had a lot of laughs and exited this section when we saw the time.

one thing i gotta tell you is this – the staff is amazingly ignorant and wont know what you are talking about when you ask. for instance they had a sign that said 50% off all levis signature stuff – and when i asked the staff if it applied to a particular rack, she just snootily asked me who told me. thats service for you! crazy it was. well…we left the place with a few purchases. so much for the shopping! sometimes i actually feel old! 😀

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