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Revisiting an old post

by Vidya Sury July 7, 2008 0 comment

Sisters, I am becoming an old bat – but this ball has been rolling around a bit and will continue to do so for a while I guess. I am referring to an earlier post because it is relevant to this post.
We are back to that icky sticky issue. Well, this brand calls itself ‘She’ and they are in the heavily promotional stage. So much so – they have the door-to-door women at the job – offering one pack free for every pack you buy. Me – I am a softy when it comes to the d-2-d all-weather chix – I mean – imagine toiling away trying to staunch the monthly flow. Sigh. So – I take the offer. When I am worried about the quality of the pad – the lady shows me a ready sample. I am satisfied. Looks great to me. Fondly took me back to 17 years ago when I became brand disloyal overnight…but hey, that’s a different post.

So – back to the present. The auspicious time comes when I must tear open this xl ‘wings’ pack. Not a big fan of wings – and we all know why – but nevertheless I had got this and was jolly well gonna use it. I am glad they got the wings folded into the front of the pad, with the sticky part of the wings facing you when you look at the pad – with the tear off part just waiting for you to – um – tear it off. Thus – I peel off the back of this generously sized pad and fix it. Ah, what bliss – I mean – it makes you confident. Right…now next let’s deal with the wings. Peel off the little sticky – turn ’em over – and fix them unobtrusively to the outer part of the panty crotch. Cool. Comfy. No rash, note.

Hours later, the time comes for a change. Yeah, change is good – or so you might think – until you realize that reality is you gotta wring out the old to stick in the new. Sigh. They say size does not matter – and in some sense they are right. Those little wings I’ve stuck can hang on for their lives, I tell you. When I tried taking off the pad, which is in itself a simple task – you dont need rocket science to do it – but, sisters – I am sorry to tell you that you need Mohammed Ali or Tyson to peel off the wings. The annoying things come off in thin sticky strips. Ugh. And I dont know why – cool as I am generally – it is these little things that make me MAD!! I finally succeeded – though I decided to refresh the panty as well, since I didn’t fancy my inner thighs getting accidentally waxed by the sticky outer part of the panty crotch.

Well – life is an experience. And I must tell you – it finds amazing ways to teach us stuff!

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