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Some mothers do have ’em

by Vidya Sury July 14, 2008 0 comment
this morning, i dropped my son off at school as usual and just as i was about to start back home, i heard my phone ring. well, i did manage to miss my call in the process of finding the phone – now don’t think i didn’t know where it was….by the time i waded through the ‘stuff’ in my ‘purse’ to reach it, the impatient caller rang off. (for those who are dying of curiosity, it wasn’t from anyone i knew – more likely the airtel recorded stuff).
That’s us – off to school

i usually keep my phone in my jeans pocket for easy access ~ but had somehow dropped it in my ‘purse’ – now there’s a euphemism! purse always brings to mind the dainty or reasonably sized ‘handbag’ that women generally carry with a few essentials. i also carry essentials. the funny thing is, i am just as organized as i used to be when i went to work at a regular job. i’ve always been a believer of the ‘big’ bag theory. as a career person, my bag contained the following:

my driving license and related papers, essential id cards, business cards, a sleek case with moisturizer, nail file, face-wash gel, miniature toothpaste n brush, wet tissues slim travel pack, essentials for ‘that‘ time of the month, (coy, aren’t we?), a small carousel type case with a set of 6 miniature lipsticks, a comb; a zipped stationery set with a miniature stapler, stapler pins, a folding punching machine, a writing pad, an organizer, a calculator, pens, pencils, measuring tape (go figure!), my camera, band aids, wallet with credit/debit cards and cash.

Today, my bag contains the following:
a pencil box with spare pencils, erasers, pens, a little ruler, little tubes of gum, a roll of chart paper, a set of sketch pens, crayons, a medium sized towel, a box of band aids, a large bottle of moisturizer, spare hand-kerchiefs, one spare note book, cello tape, a pair of scissors, some candy. i have replaced the lipstick with the fevistick :D.

and oh, by the way, i do carry a wallet, credit/debit cards, cash and my driving license!

i’ve become a bit wiser and store the essentials under the seat in my bike – where i have enough space to accommodate it all.

i wonder if am crazy when i see a variety of moms dropping their kids off at school – some are in their nighties and you can see the wipe marks at the sides around their hips where they must have hurriedly dried their hands – knotted hair gone a bit awry. some moms, the working type, are all neatly dressed and reeking of perfume as they wave their kids off at the gate. some walk alongside their kids, meet other parents on the way and keep chatting while their kids dash off into school as soon as they reach the gate. these moms end up standing there in groups and chat – about their husbands, about the teachers, about their kids, about baseless fears about whether their 7 year old is going to get a good grade in the final exam and graduate to the third standard, about lousy handwritings…..about what to cook for lunch…..about their skin….about that lousy shampoo….about the maid who expects too much….about life….

i dont know if am missing anything by not being part of some group or other. as soon as i walk vidur to his class – more out of habit than anything else – well, i gotta confess that i love to chat up his classmates – i breeze out of the school, greeting the teachers i see on the way … getting my helmet on and doin a neat ‘u’ as i literally race back home, unless i have errands planned on the way, singing loudly.

strange, how priorities change.

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