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Friends will be Friends – Right till the end.

by Vidya Sury August 5, 2008 0 comment
This Friendship Day – lovely marketing gimmick that it is – leaves me a bit cold at the thought. I really don’t need a ‘friendship day’ to tell my friends that I am crazy about them. Nevertheless, it did set me thinking of all the ‘friends’ I have known. And honestly, some of them have been the pits.

I however, must say that it felt terrific to start of with a bang, literally – and fizzle off with a sad sputter, and in some cases – stutter – desperately for want of something to say. Here, I must add the twist to the post to talk about the ‘boyfriends’ I’ve experienced. Okay – some were essentially boys and essentially friends – so I guess I am still on the relevance meter.

Love is blind, deaf – and turns dumb
This guy starts off being fantastic. I mean – looks appealing, is great to be with, seems to have a superb sense of wit and humor and in fact, you wonder “where the heck was he all my life?” Then you realize that this dude has actually made a career out of being this way and there are, at any given time, at least fifteen women who are wondering ‘where the heck is he?” These guys are smooth – until someone catches them out. But unfazed, they move on – since there’s no dearth of gullible women.
That the women wake up is a different story.

Love at first sight but I took a second look
Introduced perhaps at a party or a group event, this guy impresses all right. At the event everything seems wonderful and you’re dying to see him again – and wonder will he won’t he after stupidly giving him your phone number. Then he does call and you meet and you realize – shucks – there’s nothing to talk about. And you ease off – usually painlessly.

Good buddies turning romantic
This one’s very painful (to me) I mean, is it worth losing a friend for romance? No! But this one’s happened to me. I often think its because a woman does NOT do the things she’s expected to do – like being coy, helpless, simpering and even shy – the good buddies get attracted – more so if

a/ they are in a relationship that’s teetering
b/ if they make the big mistake of comparing the buddy with the girlfriend.

Sigh. Fortunately, I have been able to redeem almost all my initially good buddies-turned-romantic-but-came-to-their senses.

Begins with romantic intent and turns good buddy
I love this sort. These guys appear the most sensible – and are great to
flirt with because you KNOW they won’t take you seriously, ever. And they stay firm friends.

Fabulous guy wants out and goes nasty about it
I hate this sort. Everything is hunky dory – and then the guy meets someone he likes more. Rather than be honest and up front about it, he does the sneaky thing by finding fault with you, your past and your present. And then walks out under the false impression that he dumped you.

Am sure, readers, you’ll come up with many more – comments are welcome.

Friends will be friends
When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention
Friends will be friends
When you’re through with life and all hope is lost
Hold out your hands ‘coz right till the End –
friends will be friends!
– Queen

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