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Big Milestone, Mushy Post

by Vidya Sury September 26, 2008 1 comment
Big milestone tomorrow. In fact, my mind simply refuses to come to terms with the fact that we’ve come to yet another birthday! I am sure I will be able to convince it. I was talking to my best friend – and I am quite happy to realize that I really have no complaints, apart from the nitty gritty ones that come and go.
Maturity seems to have finally struck – bringing wisdom in its wake – and I am trying to cope with it. The people I love most are the ones who usually wish me on the ‘big’ day without missing even once – and this includes friends of all ages – the youngest being ten years old. What a feeling of total fulfillment.
In this rather pleasant mood, I read something I felt like sharing here.
It is in the context of doing something you love. I have been subscribing to Brian Tracy’s newsletters for years now – and have always found them absolutely inspiring. What can be better than reading something that leaves you in a good mood? Here goes:
“Do something you love”
“The most valuable asset you have in achieving your goals and reaching your destination in life is your mind. The value is contained in your ability to think clearly about who you are and what you want.
Fully 80 percent or more of ALL your success will come as the result of you having taken the time to think clearly and accurately, in advance, about EXACTLY what you want to accomplish in life and what success will look like.
And there’s something else too.
Remember to…  DO something you love”
Very nice, indeed.
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Pinku October 1, 2008 at 10:01 am

Hope you had a lovely birthday…and that the good cheers extends through the year.

Being able to do exactly what you love doing is a very rarely found and precious happiness. 🙂


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