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A magical moment in my life

by Vidya Sury September 1, 2008 0 comment

I had the most exciting moment today. My cousin was visiting from Madras (Chennai to some). The usual sweets and stuff came along with the most exciting little package I’ve got in recent years – and the credit goes to my aunt (mom’s sister). I graduated from the University of Madras, from Ethiraj College, Class of ’83. On Convocation Day, we wore those cool black robes with that cute flat hat with the tassel and received our degrees rolled like a scroll. I was one of the few to be honored with a medal for passing with distinction. I was stupid enough to not have a pic of me taken, complete with robe and scroll, but those days it was so un-cool to do that. Silly silly me. I had come back home via my aunt’s house that evening and given it to her to keep safely.

Over the years, I kind of thought that it must have gotten mixed up with various things and possibly gone forever. So when I got it today, my feelings were indescribable – I felt totally emotional. And I felt like telling the whole world.

Funnily enough, my cousin and I were just discussing how we don’t really feel our actual age, because we’re so mentally juvenile 😀 – and sure enough, a wonderful moment like this simply endorses it. I shall now treasure it all my life. Solid silver 🙂 – priceless.

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