A walk down memory lane

Yes – September is like that for this child of the sixties. Memories of another day – several in fact – keep coming back to haunt. And if someone from the ‘past’ does get in touch – don’t ask! They just go and trigger off a whole lot of memories – and strangely, it is the good ones that stick. Must be my interal thermostat at work.
I am having a rather hectic time of it these days – with a lot of work pressure – and to make it a pleasanter experience, I tune into Yahoo Launchcast Radio, which conveniently comes with the good old Yahoo messenger. Predictably, I always listen to “Big Hits Of The 80’s” and am always amazed how seemingly quickly work progresses. Naturally, I pause once in a while because of the myriad memories almost every song carries. Grammy award shows eagerly awaited – and watched with friends – singing along – car rides with the music playing – thinking of all those friends I am now out of touch with, but remember so fondly.
One particular car ride comes to mind now – from Patancheru, back to Sikh Village – in my friend’s car. We were belting out Bryan Adams at the top of our voices and when Summer of ’69 faded, my friend wanted to switch to Simpy Red’s If you don’t know me by now – and all of a sudden our over-exuberant mood sobered down. Appropriately, we calmed down to this lovely ballad. Sigh. I am pretty sure my friend also remembers.
Here’s the video, kindly hosted at YouTube.

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