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Wish you were here

by Vidya Sury September 13, 2008 0 comment
Some days happen when we take the Nostalgia Route. Today is one of those days for me. Was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and it was so like being back in college (did the graduation medal have anything to do with it I wonder – or maybe it is simply because another birthday is coming up). 
Strange how we think of all those celebrations that stick in our mind. I remembered my 28th birthday when I got back home late from work, dreading my mom’s wrath. While getting back home late from work was not the issue per se, today it certainly was, because of the birthday. I was going crazy over what kind of excuse would work best and just couldn’t come up with the goods. Quite guiltily, I rang the doorbell at 9 pm. It quite literally burst open to darkness and quiet. So move-like! Then the lights came on and I realized that the noisiest group I’ve ever known in my life had actually sat quietly for my arrival. Okay, so someone must have been on the lookout – still. The room was full of color streamers and there was a huge cake baked by my best friend, Tanu. The kitchen was quite busy with a lot of cooking going on – and rather overwhelmed, I disappeared to shower and change. What can I say? It turned out to be one of the best birthdays I ever had.  Sigh.
Today, I am remembering all those significant people in my life that I have lost touch with. My eyes are wet – and – 
Hey – this video is for you – Wish you were here – Pink Floyd – remembering all those lovely evenings and days and night shows on your GTS….
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