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A really hot time!

by Vidya Sury October 12, 2008 0 comment

In Chennai (and around it) it is anything but cool. I spent a whole week visiting a list of temples made by Vidur – the 10-year old dude intends writing a book – and he wants to visit each temple personally and learn the history of the place first hand. Phew! I must say we had a terrific time, and as they say … by God’s grace, had a totally satisfactory trip. I’ll share various little things over the next few days with pictures wherever possible.

I studied and worked in Chennai from ’82 to ’87 and I never cease to be amazed at how the place has changed from the time I knew it. Looks so much more established with all those imposing buildings and smooth roads.

Sadly, I couldn’t meet some friends as planned, even though I came off with the feeling that I had the cake AND ate it, too!

Terrific trip.

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