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Pause and Effect

by Vidya Sury November 24, 2008 0 comment

There is something extraordinary about getting back in touch with an old friend after a long gap – of ten years, to be precise. We were chatting the other day about how exciting it is and referring to ‘old times’. Well – something my friend said rang very true – that the relationship we had symbolizes that carefree part of our lives when we didn’t think twice about being impulsive. There is something about ‘those days’ that always represents a breath of fresh air. Hyper-energetic, we were. Just because we have crossed a few birthdays, should it make such a difference now?

Well, we came to the temporary conclusion that the ‘i miss you’ we feel today is a matter of personal needs, rather than a need for each other. ‘i miss you so much, it hurts’. What am I missing? I am missing the ME that used to be. It is sometimes not so much ‘the way we were’ as the ‘way I was’.

Do you agree?

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