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Thank You, Time…

by Vidya Sury November 25, 2008 1 comment

It’s Thanksgiving Day across the world. It is not a traditional holiday for me; nevertheless, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Time. Good ole Time, the Healer, the smarty who waits for no (Wo)Man..

Its best to see Time as a gift rather than as a possession. Our daily life needs such diligent time-management that there’s seldom any scope for interruptions, except those of the irritating kind. It is necessary to let the joy of life flow through the day and this is how I am trying to redeem back Time – by managing it less and being more attentive:

  • I listen to my eleven-year old Vidur’s stories, every day.
  • I spend a reasonable amount of time talking to my mom, listening to her.
  • I spend time with Sury, even if it is just browsing TV channels and commenting on the crappy stuff.
  • I cruise through the Institute campus in the morning, on the sunshine-dappled roads under the shades of trees, as I enjoy the sight of a pure white crane slowly glide across
  • I take a few minutes off to call someone close to me everyday.
  • I reply to every personal email message I receive.

Do these things sound odd? To me, they are making a big difference.

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